Lone Star Update

Major news out of Texas, expected news out of Brazil, and Baltimore goes south fast.

1.) Disclosure and Debt. So….before we start……Midnight Run: Debt got the endorsement of CJ Grisham this week….

That’s friggin’ awesome. Shortly after Debt was originally written, Modern Arms hosted a discussion on the subject. Now we have that. Truly honored to have been on the Facebook pages of both.

There is progress on a follow-up to Debt, but I’d rather not make any promises on that just yet.

It’s only marginally awkward bringing this up considering that I also have to cover the recent actions of OCT, but I would be remiss not to tip my digital hat in his direction for posting Debt to his FB.

If you’re here from that, welcome to the Run. The Midnight Run drops pretty much every Satuuday night on InSov Network, run by myself, plus the authors of Catty Conservative, and This Is The Line. In June, we’ll be discussing the Run’s big July 4th tradition, Blowback.


2.) Texas. It seems strange to say this, but Texas; a state with a reputation that suggests everyone, their cat, their mother, and their mother’s cat is armed; actually bans open carry of handguns. (Long gun carry had always been legal.)

Or at least, they will for a few more months.

Friday, a bill legalizing open carry of handguns passed both houses, and headed for the Governor’s desk. Governor Abbot promised to sign any pro-gun legislation that crossed his desk pretty much the night he was elected, and Tweeted his intention to follow through on that shortly after the bill passed. (Complete with the replies promising of bloodshed, which I’ll touch on in a moment.)

The bill basically makes Texas’ permit similar to, for example, a Georgia Weapons License in that permits now cover both open and concealed carry. What is perhaps most interesting about this is that, back in Februray, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America (here on Moms Demand) head Shannon Watts attempted to use the permit system to eek out a victory for a bill she had up until that point seemed to oppose entirely.

MDA also made headlines for pretty much lying to Texas lawmakers while also having multiple people working of practically the exact same script. Examiner.com also has an article out on MDA’s scattershot approach to the issue as well.

Also, if someone could please tell Kory Watkins to stop giving her quotes she doesn’t even need to take out context, we’d all be much obliged. This happened in spite of Watkins, certainly not because of him.

It should also be noted that the NRA, who couldn’t be seen in the same room as Open Carry Texas or Lone Star Gun Rights (the people who actually did the work), decided to take the credit anyway in a pretty repulsive act of grandstanding.

Interestingly, they have been supportive of campus carry legislation, which OCT says is going to the House next week. We’ll handle it then.

(Please don’t start, NRA die-hards.)

3.) Promises, Promises. Let me take you back to the 80s. (Assuming that section title didn’t already.) Ronald Reagan is wrapping up his time in office. In Florida, a woman named Marion Hammer is putting a ton of effort into making Florida a Shall Issue state. As NRANews reported years ago Hammer took a ton of criticism for her (and the movement at large’s) efforts. Critics proclaimed that it would never pass and, if it did, would lead to bloodshed in every way imaginable.

And then it passed. 1987, Florida became a Shall Issue state.

Jump ahead to 27 years to last year. While HB60 didn’t really have a “central figure” who ended up taking the majority of the heat from critics, the heat from those critics was virtually identical. The bill would ostensibly lead to shootouts everywhere, guns would flood the state (not that they don’t already), and every hour would be a shootout that would wipe out 1% of the population. There was even an attempt by Moms Demand to claim that HB60 would allow for Georgia residents to pass Federally-controlled TSA checkpoints at Hartsfield Jackson Airport. (For the record, HB60 allowed for carry on the unsecured side of the airport. Having a firearm on the airside terminal is a federal crime with a max prison sentence of a decade.)

And then it passed. It became active law on July 1, 2014. We’re still waiting on the promised bloodshed.

Which brings us to today. CJ Grisham was arguably the “central figure” of the Open Carry movement in Texas. Admittedly, (No it wasn’t Watkins, sit down.) The criticisms were virtually identical to the ones made last year against HB60, as well as the ones made in 1987 in Florida.

Put it this way, when the next president takes office in 2017, those promises of bloodshed will be three decades old. We will have been through the last two years of Reagan plus the entire 8-year terms of 3 other Presidents.

4.) Brazil. There is one place that has gone south, but not because of a lack of gun control. Breitbart.com has a great piece out this week about firearm-related deaths hitting a 35-year high in Brazil. In Brazil, gun owners need to pass a background, mental health, and even and employment check for their right to carry. Registration, Gun Free Zones, and universal background checks are already law there, and none of which seems to have stopped those bent on homicide.

Also seeing a surge in violence? Baltimore.

5.) South Carolina. Democrat attempts to run the clock failed in Texas, but succeeded in South Carolina. An effort to allow for permitless concealed carry is dead for the year.

6.) Nevada. Nevada lawmakers expanded the state’s Castle Doctrine to included occupied vehichles. It also loosened zero-tolerance policies by protecting students who “made a gun” out of a Pop-Tart.

Because only in modern America would we need an un-ban on weaponized Pop-Tarts.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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