Grab Bag: June 2015

The notebook of the Newtown shooter, a Gallup poll suggest people like being next to armed Americans, and Texas gets its open and campus carry laws.

1.) Notebook. The Marhsall Project has an article about the notebook of the Newtown shooter. It turns out he was troubled, homicidal, but not insane.

It’s worth noting at this point that murderous and insane aren’t the same things. An insane man isn’t rational, he is fully incapable of thinking in a logical order. His actions have no basis in fact, nor is there anything suggesting they have any connection to each other.

In other words Hitler was murderous, but he wasn’t insane. He knew what he was doing, and even wrote a book laying out his reasoning.

The article from the Marshall Project ends with this:

His chief complaint and reason for seeking help at the university health center was related to interpersonal issues and anxiety. He does not reveal what would be considered psychotic symptoms. The major issues are his alienation, disaffection, isolation, fear and anger. No mental disorder is clearly apparent.

[emphasis added.]

Mental health checks would not stop him.

2.) Texas. Against the now-mechanical promises of anti-gun groups and some anti-armed citizen police chiefs, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed both open and campus carry into law this week. Not much to say there, as Abbott had promised as much in Februrary.

3.) Mass shootings. The authors of an FBI study that claimed mass shootings were “on the rise” in America are backtracking, saying they “got it wrong” and that the study is flawed. They even admitted to creating data where none actually existed.

4.) Legislation. Finally, two major pieces of legislation, one looking good and the other a lost cause. First, a bill in Ohio looking to keep CCW records private. In other words, making it illegal to publicize whether someone has a permit.

The other? A now-cliche effort by Democrats at expanding background checks.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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