Tactical Review: Newtonian

Self-defense is a matter of physics. Force in one direction can only be stopped by equal or (preferably) greater force in the other. In other words, the ONLY ways to respond to someone shooting are by shooting back or fleeing (if that’s even possible to start with).

Mass shootings generally involve a LOT of force on the attacker’s part and a complete absence of force on the target’s part.

Yet again we see this fact play out in an area where defense of any sort was outlawed, and no security was in place to counter the acts of a man hell-bent on homicide and, in this case, starting a race war.

Truth be told, I don’t have much that you haven’t seen. Nonetheless, let’s get into the tactics of it. In order to do so, we must strip any and all emotion from the events of the last week and look at motives, actions, and target value. We’re keeping it brief, but keeping it blunt.

1.) Prevention. Let’s be clear, there is no way to prevent violence legally. It is not physical security, it has no bearing on a person determined to kill. Force, on the other hand, can at least prevent a shooting from getting worse. Additionally, as we have discussed numerous times, the possibility of death is either the ultimate deterrent to a criminal or the ultimate price he could pay if he goes through with it anyway.

There are renewed efforts for gun control, but it has also been proven time and again that gun control simply does not work. Laws cannot stop the violent. They can only punish the perps if they survive.

2.) Target value. Additionally, killers such as the church shooter pick targets that are either defenseless, have some form of social significance, or both. Areas that present no defense, as John Lott points out, are easy targets by definition.

In this case, the shooter wanted to start a race war, so attacking a place that was defenseless, sacred and predominantly black seemed like the best way to achieve this. Thankfully, it didn’t work, but nonetheless there is a straightforward, albeit twisted, logic to his actions.

It is also worth noting that he planned this six months in advance. This was not random.

Churches, and really any place of worship, have a significant value in terms of their place in society. They are seen as sanctuaries. 

Put bluntly, mass killers look to achieve the most amount of damage with the least amount of effort. Present even a modicum of force, and they collapse. 

Security is not exactly the first thing people think about in a church. It is therefore worth considering that sanctuaries need security. The days where places of worship were respected by all are over.

3.) Resistance. Jeanne Assam, Aaron Guyton. Concealed carriers can stop church shootings, because they HAVE stopped church shootings.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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