State of Play (Intro to Blowback)

Before we begin, I must thank Deputy Matt And Others Who Serve on Facebook. The popular Facebook page featured last week’s Midnight Run: Newtownian. I am always honored when a Run is featured on another page.

This week, I have elected to break from the usual news stories, and speak directly as we prepare for next week’s massive 4th of July Blowback update. The recent discussion about the Confederate flag brings forth quite a few things I simply need to get off my chest both for my own sanity and to lay the groundwork for Blowback.

1.) Distraction. I spent all of the last Run discussing why the church shooter did what he did, what his motives are, and how to prevent mitigate the next attack. Apparently security is a lot less sexy than attacking an unrelated flag and attempting to tie it into the debate through the most twisted logic possible. I find the idea of erasing history because it offends to be extremely concerning. History is, by its nature, offensive. It is a running record of mistakes, victories, scientific breakthroughs, philosophical debates. and much more. None of which is or ever was obligated to be sensitive to the incredibly fragile emotions of the “modern” culture. Blowback will address this, starting with classic literature that has been deemed “too offensive” or, and it kills me to use this term, too “triggering.”

The current frenzy over the Confederate flag has become insane. Strategy games have been pulled from the Apple App Store for merely containing the flag. That many were doing so in a historical context was incidental and ignored in the mob-fueled outrage frenzy. Additionally, the 1939 classic “Gone With The Wind” has become a similar target. (Incidentally, that film was responsible for making Hattie McDaniel the first black person to win an Academy Award.)

We are erasing or attempting to erase our own history. It is dangerous, it is based purely on emotion, and it simply must be stopped.

2.) Writer’s Block. It is the frenzy that has made this year’s Blowback probably the hardest one to write, much less plan out. This year, I will present a Blowback entitled “Backbone” that will try to both showcase the country’s rather obvious lack thereof as well as what small efforts I can find to return this country to a slightly more sane level. It is troubling to me that the former has been blisteringly easy to find, while the latter extremely difficult. Blowback has always attempted to have a positive, motivating tone to it; never presenting its central problem without demonstrating solutions. It has been a true challenge to find more old-school, less easily-outraged segments of American culture.

Additionally, I have had numerous discussions with military friends, men for whom I have a deep respect, either ask me or directly answer whether the country is even worth defending at this point. Put bluntly, it rocks you when some of the most aggressive patriots you know start actively questioning whether there is any worth in fighting the current culture.

3.) Determination. None of this is to suggest that Blowback will be almost non-stop complaints about how horrid the state of the country is. To do so would be both redundant (look around, you don’t need me to tell you), and unproductive. From the growing self-defense movement, to the re-introduction of so-called “free range” parenting (loosely defined as “how you and I grew up” and more bluntly defined as “not being a helicopter parent”), there is a backlash to the desperate need to be as safe, politically correct, and overprotective as possible. Blowback will present this side, as well as what makes resisting all of it; the erasure of history, being ridiculously overprotective of children, and the need to be completely inoffensive; vital to the country’s survival.

Blowback drops at 12:01 AM July 4th.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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