Grab Bag: July 2015

Programming Note: Taking a break from the Run in early August. A little summer break.

This week, a bit of post-Blowback recovery. No real thread to all of this. Shooting sports make a resurgence in high schools, gun crime soars in gun control-laden cities (and gets almost no media attention) and Hillary Clinton’s promises to go ahead regardless. Very little worth covering, to be honest.

1.) Shooting Sports. In a move that is likely making some people apoplectic, Bloomberg Business (yes, as in Michael Bloomberg) is reporting that high schools in Minnesota have seen a surge in popularity in trap shooting While it is still illegal to have firearms on the campus itself (and the classes do not allow for such a thing anyway), there is something to be said about the sport taking off with such a young demographic.

2.) Clinton. It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton announced an extremely anti-gun platform this week. A spokesman for the campaign said “this is an important issue, and she believes that we cannot let partisan gridlock prevent us from continuing to seek ­common-sense safety measures.”

“Common sense” being a term that has lost all meaning in firearms, because that seems to be just about any regulation no matter how useless. (Besides which, the vast majority of gun control laws on the books would never pass strict constitutional scrutiny.)

3.) Case study. Of course, the last few weeks haven’t been kind to the idea of “common sense” gun control, either. Multiple cities, all of which with Democratic leadership have seen a major surge in violent crime despite the much touted gun control. Of course, what immediately jumps to mind is the ten deaths, 53 injuries Chicago saw in various shootings over the Independence Day weekend.

You’d think a story in which a seven year-old is shot dead would warrant wall-to-wall coverage in the news media, but apparently this isn’t the case.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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