Grab Bag: September 2014

The news streams seemed dominated by a cavalcade of outrage stories this week. As such, we don’t have all that much that is worth covering and, frankly, that stuff can be extremely draining. This week, a brief series of gun stories.

1.) Programming Note. We’re going to put the news on hold again next week for a special Midnight Run on law enforcement. The recent attacks against LE, LE’s take on civilian carry, and more will all be part of the Run. The reason for this, frankly, is in the wake of what some have started to call a “War on Cops.” That is, the deliberate slandering/attacking of LE as a profession based on some extremely slanted media coverage and political narratives.

2.) Background checks. To the shock of only the most ardently anti-gun, a new study from Chicago shows that criminals don’t go through background checks, instead choosing to get guns on the street, or from friends/family. This has lead to a new push from the organization Gun Owners of America to abolish background checks altogether, both because they don’t work and, in GOA’s opinion, they amount to a database on gun owners for the government to abuse.

3.) Cars. Elsewhere in academia is a new study from Duke showing that cars are riskier than firearms. This is shown by the number of total non-owner deaths for cars easily outclasses those firearms are responsible for. It is also worth noting that there are 269 million registered cars and upwards of 300 million guns believed to be in circulation, so basic math would suggest that guns are responsible for more deaths than cars.

Research, however, shows this is not the case.

4.) Armed Citizen. A home invader was shot and killed by an 11-year-old in St. Louis this week. Police are not pushing charges, but do want to know why the kid had access to the gun. At present, police believe that his mother (who is cooperating with police) bought the handgun due to prior break-in attempts at the home.

5.) California. Despite even proponents of California’s new ban on campus carry admitting nothing has actually happened on campus, the California legislature passed the ban 54-24 in the Assembly and 23-12 in the Senate. Now it is on the Governor’s desk, but the Firearms Policy Coalition is threatening a federal lawsuit if Gov. Jerry Brown goes through with signing it. FPC President Brandon Combs tells

“After we win that case, we will systematically challenge similar injustices, not only in California but across the United States. I’m sick and tired of law enforcement political organizations bending law-abiding gun owners over a barrel.”

Regardless, it says a lot that anti-gun politicians are looking for a ban on carrying guns on campus despite nothing happening.

Law enforcement in the spotlight next week. Clinical as you expect.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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