Grab Bag: October 2015

Too much time being laser focused on one subject. I’m relaxing this week. Guns, hypersensitivity, and fear are the main topics.

1.) Florida. The Florida state Senate’s Criminal Justice Committee approved a bill allowing for concealed carry on college campuses. It still has about 2 other committees to go through before getting anywhere near the full Senate.

Anti-gun groups criticized the bill promising (sing it with me) blood in the streets, blood and alcohol in the streets, and both more frequently.

Not that we expected anything else.

2.) Offensive. Ever notice how everything is offensive now? Humor that is, in any way, possibly offensive is a great way to rain down the social media justice mob on you.

Hypersensitivity is a virtue. Ruining careers for perceived slights is expected. It’s a culture where victimhood is a strength.

National Review has a fantastic piece out on how the victim culture is damaging us as a culture. We discussed some of this during Blowback, so it warrants a place here.

3.) Fear. Anti-gunners traffick in fear. Their policies are, by their own admission, only palatable after a high-profile shooting.

Many supporters of the surveillance state are the same way. After a major attack, they are the first to promote an ugly policy, which is predicated solely on its supposed ability to prevent the attack from repeating.

CityLab argues what should be obvious. Fear, as we’ve discussed in the Tactical Reviews, isn’t helpful. But even worse, it prevents rationally discussing what a problem is and how to solve it.

4.) Intent. That being said, we have seen anti-gun groups be more honest about their intentions. Vox has actively considered the concept of a gun-free country.

In other words, they intend to exploit that fear to the fullest extent possible, for a motive that has nothing to do with genuine safety.

While the honesty is appreciated, recent trends in favor of gun rights, and gun control’s inherent illogicallity show it may have been better for them to continue to lie.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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