Hillary Clinton admits that gun confiscation is an option, the NRA cheers an anti-gun governor, and a discussion on whether gun control laws are Constitutional at all.

Truthfully, there isn’t much major to cover. Also, as we enter the holiday season, I should note that the Run takes a break the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

1.) Australia. It’s always nice to see candor from anti-gun advocates at times. RedState has a piece out about Hillary Clinton entertaining the idea of a gun buyback program similar to what happened in Australia.

In other words, mandatory gun buybacks AKA de facto confiscation.

But at least she is honest about “not coming for your guns” being a complete lie. It’s something to think about when people discuss dealing with “gun violence” incrementally.

2.) Virginia. Virginia’s governor took matters into his own hands by enacting gun control through executive order. The EO will, among other things, ban guns from state government buildings.

The NRA has praised the EO, which was itself immediately criticized by CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas on his personal Instagram account. CJ has always seen the NRA has an organization that claims to be pro-gun but ends up obstructing a lot of pro-gun legislation.

3.) Constitutional. has placed itself firmly in absolutist territory. The group stated this week, with help from the Tenth Amendment Center, that all gun laws are unconstitutional.

(Note that I am not using “absolutist” in a negative way. It is very good to see people interested in the original meaning of the Second Amendment.)

4.) Carry. Maine has now become a bit of a Constitutional Carry state. A law allowing those otherwise able to own a firearm to carry concealed without a permit has gone into effect. Constitutional Carry has seen impressive progress as of late, and is the ultimate goal of organizations like Open Carry Texas. Georgia Gun Owners also has it as a goal, but they have done themselves no favors with recent stunts at the RedState gathering and hyperbolic emails.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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