Let’s talk suppressors. Their purpose, their legality, and the backing of the most schizophrenic gun rights organization on Earth; the NRA.

1.) Why? Let’s get one thing out straight away: suppressors are also called silencers, which is weird because physics doesn’t allow for an explosion to be silenced. At best we’re talking a 20-30db reduction in noise, but that’s just enough to prevent serious hearing damage and bring a gunshot’s report under OSHA standards.

2.) Legality. Of course, surpressors are also a safety device that the government makes you bend over backwards to get. As SilencerCo has shown through it’s extremely effective silencers are legal campaign, it generally involves going through things that most other safety devices would never have attached to them. For example, you need to be fingerprinted, get a signature from the head LEO in your county (who can deny it for any reason or for no reason), and cut a $200 check to the ATF. (Again, this is for a tube.) The $200 check is based on what it originally cost when the National Firearms Act was introduced. It was basically a 1000% increase on what it actually cost originally.

3.) Legalization. This week’s big news was the introduction of a bill to remove suppressors from the NFA items. This would mean that suppressors would be subject to the same buying process as buying a handgun. (In other words, background check.) Realistically, the bill would almost certainly be vetoed by President Obama and faces a tough ride in the Senate. Anti-gunners have already lined up against it, largely resting on the public’s ignorance of suppressors and their “knowledge” of suppressors by way of movies.

4.) The NRA. Seemingly shifting policies by the day (recall their strange and constantly-changing stance on open carry), the National Rifle Association has backed the bill. It’s not like they had a choice, frankly, both considering the rather inconvenient fact that the NRA originally supported the bill and that there was absolutely no reason for suppressors to be on it.

At best the bill faces an uphill fight. But it’s good to see the NFA be taken apart piece by piece. (Besides which, as Andrew Branca likes to note, virtually every gun control law is unconstitutional on its face.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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