Grab Bag: November 2015

The big late-breaking news this week is a shooting in Colorado Springs but, frankly, I don’t have enough information on it to do a Tactical Review segment on it and, barring that, I don’t feel there is much the Run can contribute to the discussion on that shooting.

It is also Halloween 2015, which will be marked in history by something that I never thought we’d see: a near-constant discussion and, in some cases mockery, of the outrage culture taking aim at Halloween because that’s what humorless SJWs do with their otherwise empty lives.

Anyway, this week we have a lot of anti-gun regulations, we have an anti-gun advocate threatening to seriously injure a pro-gunner, and going back to going after Armslist.

1.) “Safety For All.” In California we have the “Safety For All Act.” The Firearms Policy Coalition has a great rundown:

Instituting a total, confiscatory ban on the possession of “large-capacity magazines” – even legally-owned “grandfathered” magazines and those that are possessed by active and retired law enforcement officers;

Adding severe and expensive new restrictions on ammunition purchases, including a mandatory DOJ ammunition purchase permit for anyone who wants to buy ammunition, a ban on private ammunition sales, and a gun owner database of ammunition purchasers;

A ban on the private purchase and importation of ammunition from out-of-state retailers;

Requiring all ammunition sellers to acquire a special DOJ ammunition sales permit and to have every employee that handles or sells ammunition to have a DOJ-issued Certificate of Eligibility;

A $25 Million theft of fees paid by gun owners to fund the new DOJ ammunition program;

And other gun control regulations that have already failed passage in the Legislature or were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Don’t ask how they’ll enforce a ban on private sales nobody actually knows about. It’s not worth asking how this will actually lead to “safety for all.”

2.) Philly: A Philadelphia Dem has introduced a bill that would mandate a permit to purchase a handgun. (As in a permit separate from a carry permit. This is merely to purchase the gun in the first place. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Art Haywood, issued the following statement:

“No statement in the 2nd Amendment is related to individual self-defense, but is instead related to collective security in the form of militas. At the time the 2nd amendment was written, the primary collective security concerns were slave insurrections and attacks by Native Americans.”

Of course, “militia” meant “the whole of the people” and, regardless, the militia was mentioned in the prefatory (aka non-binding) clause of the Amendment. The bill has almost no chance of surviving the GOP-controlled Legislature, and SCOTUS would take it out under all three Heller cases. It’s also worth noting that all this ultimately does is require a second license to exercise one’s right.

3.) Anti-gun….violence. Andy Parker, the father of WDBJ reporter Allison Parker has dedicated his life to anti-gun legislation. He has a reputation for heckling pro-gun State Senator William M. Stanley. In a recent discussion, Parker wrote one comment that read “I’m going to be your worst nightmare you little bastard,” following that up with “When you see me again, you best walk the other way lest I beat your little ass with my bare hands.”

This ended up getting the police involved, but anti-gun groups are strangely critical of the pro-gun Senator for getting the police involved and getting a permit shortly after the regular threats.

4.) Armslist. After the attempt to bring down Armslist backfired, anti-gun groups moved to Lucky Gunner. That backfired famously, and now officials in New York are now going after Armslist once again. This time it is to see if Armslist is helping people skirt Federal, State, and local laws. This was essentially the premise of the dismissed Brady Camp lawsuit.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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