Before we go anywhere, we urgently need to update a story from Blue Blood. The shooting of Lt. Charles Joseph Gliniewicz, which was initially said to be an ambush, has turned out to be a carefully staged attempt to make the officer’s suicide look like a homicide. A brilliant New York Times piece this week looking at people who directly linked the shooting to anti-police sentiment before any evidence. (For the record, while Midnight Run: Blue Blood, did go with the ambush story at the time, Blue Blood never subscribed to the “war on police” narrative as a motive. Merely that it was an uptick in high-profile violence against police. It is now clear it wasn’t even that.) The Times piece concludes as follows:

The people who sought to politicize Gliniewicz’s death should feel chastened and embarrassed. Rather than simply mourning his death, empathizing with his family and waiting for the results of the full investigation — the very same thing they ask of those unsettled by the deaths of people at the hands of police officers — they pushed an association that didn’t exist.

So eager — or at least too recklessly willing — were they to add another tick mark to the tally of officers fallen in the supposed war on the police, and to ding protesters and the president, that they built a sham argument on a sham murder. Shameful.

This month, outside of that, we have yet another record month for gun sales, Virginia’s governor denies that the Dems loss in his state was due to gun control, and Hillary Clinton overestimates the number of “gun deaths” by a huge margin.

1.) Background checks. If background checks are useful for anything, it is apparently showing that gun sales can’t stop surging. The latest from the FBI shows background checks set a record in October. This is the sixth consecutive month that background checks have set records. There’s not much more to say about that, other than the fact that claiming gun ownership is down based on polling doesn’t match gun ownership based on background check numbers.

2.) Virginia. Everytown outspent the NRA 30-1 in Virginia and still lost in this week’s elections. The governor, notoriously anti-gun Terry McAuliffe, has tried to say the loss in the Senate has nothing to do with gun control.

Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe bragged and boasted when he won office despite challenging the NRA. He mistook his victory over a weak Republican candidate as a sign that gun control was a winning argument.

Now? He’s pretending that his strong gun control push didn’t happen, and wouldn’t have mattered anyway.

Elections have consequences, folks.

3.) Clinton. A new ad by Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton combines firearms-related suicides and homicides and in the process overstated “gun violence” stats by as much as 66 percent. (Also, yes, that is a Breitbart article that ISN’T related to Trump. Shocking as that may be.) The ad discusses an “epidemic” of gun violence, which is odd considering that violent crime has been on the decrease for decades.

“Gun violence” is apparently the only epidemic that gets worse by happening less frequently.

4.) Guns and Gays. Finally this week, an interesting look at how the gun rights and gay rights movements have very similar objectives. The sub-headline puts it best: “Self-defence and fighting stereotypes are among the ties that bind U.S. gay and gun communities.”

Both face incredible opposition, based largely on propaganda. Both also have shown that logical arguments can almost always prevail over emotional ones. (Don’t need to support the lifestyle, but there is no logical reason to ban it either.)

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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