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The NYT says people should give up their guns, depression becomes the new front for gun control, and Democrats collide with due process.

1.) The New York Times. There has been a narrative shift in the last few weeks. “Nobody is coming for your guns” has become “you should give them up for the good of your fellow citizens.” While it’s concerning to see such a casual shift, it is nice to see both that the mask has come off and that the editorial is riddled with factual errors.

Not that it is uncommon for anti-gun stories to be factually bankrupt, but there was such hype behind the Times’ front-page editorial, that to bomb it as badly as they did is a sort of poetic justice.

2.) Depression. Apparently depression should be a barrier to having firearms now. That depression is incredibly overdiagnosed is no barrier to that.

3.) Due process. Due process of law is basically the right of the accused to be heard in court before he is punished for something. Generally this process is to find out if he/she actually did what the accuser says. It is predicated on the legal concept that a person is innocent until proven to be guilty.

It’s not a concept our government likes, considering the terror watchlist and no-fly lists only require “reasonable suspicion” to have your name put on there.

It is that utter lack of standards that is making it attractive to anti-gun groups, generally under the guise of “keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.” Connecticut’s governor already put out an executive order banning people on those watchlists. Republicans have balked at the idea, noting that a large percentage of the people on the watchlist shouldn’t actually be there.

4.) Irony. Despite the openly hostile signals being sent to gun owners, the desperation to ban people from gun ownership (even at the cost of constitutionally-guaranteed due process rights), and the increasing calls by law enforcement to arm themselves (which we discussed last week), the White House says it has absolutely no idea why Americans are buying so many guns.

With everything we discussed last week, including the calls from law enforcement, and the tactical impracticality of gun control, it should be obvious. In other words, in this case, the ignorance is deliberate.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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