Grab Bag: January 2016

Still waiting for the end times, SWATting apparently went nowhere in Dallas, and Loretta Lynch “warns” gun owners after President Obama’s executive orders. It’s only January and we already have a ton of stuff on our plate.

1.) Texas. It has been just over a week since Open Carry went live in Texas. As you can plainly see the promises of bloodshed everywhere have yet to com to fruition. To be quite frank, this is similar to the warnings we saw here in Georgia leading up to HB60’s passage and eventual signature. We were promised Atlanta would become an absolute hellhole; that Hartsfield would become violent (Moms Demand Action, you’ll recall, famously said the bill would allow for the carriage of guns in the secure side of the airport….which is Federal territory.

While discussions with Open Carry Texas’ CJ Grisham have led me to believe that he eventually wants to see a similar bill in Texas (in addition to having Texas finally live up to its reputation in terms of firearms), it is worth noting that HB60 went live on July 1 of 2014.

Which means that, come this summer, it will have been two years of waiting for the end-of-days.

A long overdue congratulations to any Texas-based readers and, of course, to Open Carry Texas.

2.) Obama Town Hall. CNN hosted a “town hall” with the President on guns. The NRA refused to participate, calling it a “spectacle.” However, there were some pro-gun voices, including one woman who is a survivor of being raped.

“So why can’t your administration see that these restrictions that you’re putting to make it harder for me to own a gun or harder for me to take that where I need to be is actually just making my kids and I less safe?” she asked.

Obama maintained that “there is nothing that we have proposed that would make it harder for you to purchase a firearm.”

But what is drawing attention was the response.

The president went on the downplay the notion that guns make people safer.

“There are always questions as to whether or not having a firearm in the home protects you from that kind of violence,” the president said. “And I’m not sure we can resolve that — people argue it both sides. What is true is that you have to be pretty well-trained in order to fire a weapon against someone who is assaulting you and catches you by surprise. What is also true is always that possibility that firearm in the home leads to a tragic accident.”

3.) SWATting. Police in Texas are saying that there were no 911 calls on people open carrying firearms thus far. This indicates one of two things. Either not many people are open carrying, or even the most insane anti-gun activist didn’t want “providing false information to law enforcement” on their permanent record. Houston’s PD has already said that if such a call were placed, the caller would be investigated.

4.) Big Brother. We all figured the odds on this were pretty good, but US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is warning gun owners that the Feds will be watching them and looking for compliance with the executive orders. Specifically, the order that basically states anyone “in the business of selling firearms” get licensed and begin running background checks.

Not that there is anything creepy about that, given this administration’s feelings toward gun owners, right?

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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