An update from Midnight Run: Debt, a Columbine survivor pushes for pro-gun legislation, and whether “the lesser of two evils” mantra still applies in the 2016 Presidential election as we approach Super Tuesday.

1.) Campus Carry. First an update on campus carry. Against the backdrop of numerous robberies on Georgia college campuses, a bill legalized concealed carry on campus passed the Georgia House this week and is now looking at a bit of a tougher battle in the Senate. Interestingly, (not affiliated with the lobbyist group found that the biggest threat to the bill, as before, may be Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.

In other campus carry news, Patrick Neville, a survivor of the Columbine school shootings-turned-legislator, is pushing a bill to allow teachers to carry on campus in Colorado. In a statement, Neville said that the “only thing that is going to stop murderers intent on doing harm is to give good people the legal authority to carry a gun to protect themselves and our children.”

2.) Debt. A bill in Missouri would allow for convicted felons to apply to have their gun rights restored three years after the completion of their sentence. The bill is said by it’s sponsors to be a “second chance” bill, while critics say people who have committed a violent crime in the past will likely do so again.

Which, of course, begs the question of why a person that violent should be released in the first place.

3.) Lesser of Two Evils. A new piece on National Review warrants a mention here because this election could be a turning point for firearms rights considering the SCOTUS vacancy (among a multitude of other reasons). Put bluntly, neither of the frontrunners have a very good record on firearms, but in the broader picture, the GOP frontrunner’s rhetoric has been anything but conservative. National Review convincingly argues that a President Trump could be extremely damaging to the American Right and how conservative/small-government candidates are defined in the future.

In other words, “the lesser of two evils” (a term Trump’s ardent supporters will almost certainly cling to) may be more damaging in the long run. Just like last time.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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