Georgia Update

Big news out of the Peach State, and Minnesota Dems try for universal background checks. Not much worth covering this week, but that also clears the way for a history lesson on anti-gun rhetoric.

1.) Campus carry. A bill legalizing the concealed carry of firearms on public colleges easily passed the Georgia state Senate this week. Previous efforts had largely failed as part of the mad dash that takes place on the 40th (and final) day of the legislative session.

The bill saw a lot of (exceedingly ignorant) opposition, both from Moms Demand Action (who were busy making references to action film star Bruce Willis and Western legend John Wayne) and from on the floor of the Senate, including the usual “drugs and alcohol” talking point and a bizarre focus on people below the legal age to apply for a permit. We also, of course, saw the promises of blood in the streets that we have become so used to…..

2.) HB 60. ….particularly during the debate over the sweeping gun law reform that was HB60 two years ago. The comparison here is apt because the fact that the promises never materialized was one of the reasons for Governor Nathan Deal to drop his previous long-standing opposition to the idea of campus carry. Governor Deal said that, because the promises of violence never came about, reheating those arguments for campus carry “lacks validity.”

In other words, the constant doomsaying from gun-control advocates was one of the main points in the bill’s favor, according to the governor. It could be argued that the rhetoric of gun control advocates played an essential role in ensuring the bill’s signature.

Anti-gun groups have “ominously” said that they will remember the vote in November, which is also something that was threatened after HB 60 passed and nothing actually occurred. In the vast majority of Georgia, being pro-gun is not an electoral hazard.

3.) Minnesota. In Minnesota, Dems are getting ready to push the universal background check line that has seen next to no progress. Opponents of the bill say it is a form of backdoor registration and that the bill is dead already, as the previous effort failed and cost some Democrats their seats in office.

4.) Oklahoma. Permitless open carry passed the Oklahoma House this week, alongside a House resolution that would subject any gun laws to the judicial standard of “strict scrutiny”, which, as previously discussed in another case at Legal Insurrection, virtually no gun law can survive.

Things are looking nice down South.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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