Lots of news relating to Tasers and stun guns, a check on campus carry in Georgia, and updates to Midnight Run: Debt.

1.) Georgia. The Gold Dome wrapped for the year this week. Two major topics in the scope of the Run; campus carry, and stun guns/Tasers on campus.

Governor Deal found a way to take issue with the campus carry bill after it passed both chambers. This week, the Legislature passed what is called a “clean up” bill for HB60, but did not contain the changes Deal wanted out of nowhere. The campus carry bill is still on Deal’s desk, alongside this new update, including preventing banks from refusing to offer financial services to firearms dealers.

Alongside the carriage of firearms was a bill for the carrying of non-lethal less lethal weapons like stun-guns and Tasers. Unlike campus carry (which is obviously limited to those 21 and over who are licensed to carry), this bill would make it so that enrolled students of a college, and that college’s staff, would be able to carry electroshock weapons.

2.) Stun guns. The Supreme Court vacated a decision that said stun guns were not covered by the Second Amendment this week, as well. The basis of the decision? That the previous decision was inconsistent with the Heller ruling’s statement that the 2nd Amendment “extends…to…arms…that were not in existence at the time of the founding.”

3.) Debt. A Federal lawsuit is looking at possibly allowing nonviolent felons to get their gun rights restored. It revolves around a person running for office in Las Vegas, but cannot own a gun due to a felony conviction in 1990.

A bill in Missouri, however, is looking to give all felons the right to petition a court to restore their gun rights three years after they complete their sentence.

All of which revolves around a single question. If a person cannot trusted with a gun, why is he even out to begin with?

4.) Everytown. Apparently trying to cut off the Constitutional Carry surge that has been taking place in recent years, Everytown is looking to get universal background checks in the state of Maine. Maine recently implemented a Constitutional Carry system in October of last year.

Universal background checks in a state that passed permitless carry. The latest in a series of Hail Mary efforts from anti-gun groups as they become more desperate for a victory.

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