A Tweet referencing Sandy Hook by Hillary Clinton faces a ton of criticism, Chicago’s homicide problem isn’t going away, and New York criminalizes machetes for some reason.

1.) Sandy Hook. By now, it is well-known that the almost mechanical reaction of anti-gun advocates after a high profile shooting is to call for more gun control. But a Tweet by 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is looking to be something of an anomaly. Clinton attempted to attack rival Bernie Sanders by saying he put gun manufacturers over the “parents of Sandy Hook.” many, including a HuffPo editor took her to task for using Sandy Hook for political gain.

2.) Chicago. Chicago closed the first quarter of 2016 with the most homicides in that timeframe in years. There’s not much else to say there.

3.) Machetes. New York is now going after machetes, with a bill passed by the state Senate this week. Under the bill, the possession of machetes would be a misdemeanor. Apparently it is because of the “serious injury” machetes can cause, which is odd because by that logic we should ban everything potentially dangerous.

4.) Mississippi. In what is becoming an almost monthly feature, we have a new state looking at allowing permitless carry. This time we have Mississippi’s legislature sending such a bill to the Governor’s desk.

It’s honestly only a matter of time before people start calling for the federal laws to start coming in line with permitless carry.

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