Colorado aims to repeal 2013’s magazine limit, Nevadans get to vote on UBCs, and SWATting finally results in criminal charges.
1.) Colorado. The mag limits that were put in 2013 as part of a sweeping gun control bill are now looking at being repealed after a bill to do so passed the state Senate this week. This is the second attempt by the state Senate to pass this bill, which was killed in a House committee that was controlled by Senate Democrats.

2.) UBCs. Everytown’s treasured Universal Background Checks are headed to the voters in Nevada this November. The Governor had previously vetoed a similar measure in 2013, so now the goal seems to be to hope that the voters will pass it instead.

At this point, Everytown needs a victory. Anything would be an improvement.

3.) SWATting. We know this because anti-gun groups have openly embraced the idea of harrassing people openly carrying firearms (real or otherwise) by calling a SWAT team on them via providing false information to law enforcement. (A crime in its own right, ironically.) The case of John Crawford III highlighted this. Mr. Crawford was SWATted by a gun control extremist named Ronald Ritchie.

Ritchie is now slated to face charges for his role in the incident. Which is long overdue.

We can only hope that other SWATters meet a similar fate. This trend needs to be throttled.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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