Oklahoma makes progress on constitutional carry, an update on Midnight Run: Debt (as it relates to voting rights), and a military installation allows (some) carrying of firearms.

1.) A bill allowing for the open carrying of firearms without a permit passed the Oklahoma Senate this week. While not a complete constitutional carry bill, it is some form of progress as constitutional carry slowly becomes the law in many states. This is, of course, being met with the now-requisite promises of doom and bloodshed. I would remind you that they said the same about Georgia’s HB60, which turns 2 this July.

The State Senate also passed a resolution forcing any infringements on the Second Amendment to be subject to strict scrutiny, which almost no gun control law can survive.

2.) Debt. Many states are looking to give felons voting rights. Most recently we have a fairly controversial move in Virginia, with the Governor doing so by executive order. Some Republicans call that merely an attempt to boost Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s numbers in the general election coming up in November.

3.) Citadel. The Citadel, the famous military school in South Carolina, will now allow for storing guns in cars. This is essentially the institution putting its own rules aside and yielding to State law.

Now if only we could get guns on military bases.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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