Executive Hypocrisy

President Obama wants to bring back smart guns, Dana Loesch on Obama’s hypocritical stance on gun control, a 30-time felon with a gun is shot dead by a man with a concealed carry permit, and California sees a surge in gun sales.

1.) Executive Orders. President Obama, as expected, followed up on his recent executive orders. Part of which involves trying to push smart guns into the real world, possibly starting with having law enforcement try them out. Obviously, this has not gone over well with major law enforcement organizations. Particularly the Fraternal Order of Police. FOP’s executive director James Pasco told Politico “Police officers in general, federal officers in particular, shouldn’t be asked to be the guinea pigs in evaluating a firearm that nobody’s even seen yet,” and that they have some “very, very serious questions” about the push.

2.) Loesch. TheBlazeTV and radio talk host Dana Loesch let loose a fantastic commentary over on NRANews this week. The subject, which segways nicely with the above, is about how anti-gun politicans like Obama talk up gun control while utterly refusing to hold the American justice system to account in keeping dangerous people off the streets. It is an incredible hypocrisy which Loesch describes beautifully and passionately in this 4:22 video.

3.) Gun control failure. We have discussed before that, if a person cannot be trusted with a gun (i.e. if the person is too dangerous to be in public) they shouldn’t be on the streets. One such person, a convicted felon, a man who has been arrested 30 times for everything from drug possession to domestic violence, to assault, was killed this week when he was arguing with someone at a gas station. He then drew a gun on the person, and was subsequently shot by that person.

Yes, he had been arrested thirty times previously, for everything from drug possession, domestic violence, to assault, to aggravated assault with a firearm, to battery….and he was released every time.

It’s not a gun problem. It is, as Loesch notes, a judicial problem.
If they can’t be trusted with a gun, they shouldn’t be on the streets. He wasn’t able to legally possess one, and that clearly didn’t stop him.

4.) California. Let’s close on a high note. KPCC, the NPR affiliate serving southern California, recently pulled some stats from the California Department of Justice on gun sales. Gun sales in the state are tracked by the CA DoJ through the Dealer’s Record of Sale system FFLs must report to when a gun is sold. Additionally, private sellers must also use an FFL as an intermediary (with few exceptions), which also reports those sales to the CA DoJ as well.

It turns out that gun sales are easily outpacing last year’s sales. Yes, in a state as restrictive as California, gun sales have been no different than the rest of the country. It is perhaps ironic that one of the most anti-gun states in the country has a surge in sales that is easier to track because of those laws.

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