Grab Bag: May 2016

Georgia’s Governor vetoes campus carry against his own rhetoric, New Hampshire looks at going permitless, and Missouri looks to improve their gun laws.

1.) Campus Carry. Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal once said that the fact that “wild west” scenarios didn’t materialize after HB60 made using those same arguments again for campus carry lack validity. Despite this, he vetoed campus carry legislation this week saying that it also wouldn’t make Georgia’s campuses much safer. House Speaker David Ralston, however, has promised that the “fight will go on” and that campus carry will return in the 2017 session.

2.) New Hampshire. Constitutional Carry is going everywhere. Even the northeast. A bill in New Hampshire to make concealed carry legal without a permit is now on the governor’s desk, although Governor Maggie Hassan has vetoed the measure in the past. The bill passed the House 206-146 and the Senate 14-10. Opponents are hoping for a repeat of last year’s veto.

3.) Missouri. Lawmakers in Missouri are looking to improve the state’s gun laws, with bills ranging from an expansion of self-defense laws to permitless concealed carry. Campus carry, and allowing guns on mass transit stalled, as did a bill to allow for violent felons to petition a court to get their gun rights restored.

Jay Nixon made his opposition to campus carry clear, talking about how “gunfights on the quadrangle will not solve problems.”

Exactly the promises that were made from HB60 in Georgia. Which, again, never materialized.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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