Razor’s Edge

Oklahoma passes knife reform, Missouri’s omnibus bill makes it out on the final day, and a gun for the disabled. Not much to go over while everyone is trying to figure out the election.

1.) Oklahoma. With gun rights going so well, many self-defense advocates have focused on laws focusing on the original self-defense weapon: the blade. “Knife rights” is a movement now, and in Oklahoma that movement took a huge step forward with Governor Mary Fallin signing a bill into law that removed many bladed weapons from the list of items citizens are prohibited from carrying in the state.

Due to a pre-existing law giving the State sole authority on the matter, the bill goes live statewide this November.

2.) Missouri. A huge bill for self-defense passed out of the Missouri legislature on the final day of the session and is now headed for Governor Jay Nixon’s desk. Among other things, the bill would put into place a permitless carry system, expand the Castle Doctrine (to be clear, the Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground are parts of self-defense law, not the end-all of self-defense law), and sets the maximum fee for permits at $100.

3.) Disabled, not defenseless. A company is looking at creating a line of guns designed for people with disabilities, and is looking to show the gear off at a conference for amputees. This is big news because, if the product takes off, it could lead to an interesting development in the gun debate as well.

The question a lot of anti-gunners cannot answer is how those who are disabled should defend themselves. For example, how can a man who is wheel-chair bound escape an attacker?

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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