Fast and Furious is tied to almost 70 murders, Katie Couric caught in a lie, and another effort to construct the narrative of a gun violence epidemic.

1.) F&F. Fast and Furious, the famous government-sanctioned gunrunning operation, isn’t going anywhere. The Obama Administration has had a rough time trying to run from it, and a new report may make that even harder by tying the operation to sixty-nine homicides. The project initially went live in 2009, but was shut down when it was publicized in 2011. So far, nothing out of the program has been positive, and people like David Codrea are determined to make sure the public doesn’t forget about it.

2.) Yahoo News. It is no secret that the mainstream media isn’t exactly pro-gun. But a new “documentary” on Yahoo News may have both made that blatantly obvious and threaten a well-known journalist’s career. The documentary “Under The Gun” has been shown to have been deliberately edited in such a way to make pro-gun advocates look horrible, by inserting silence in response to a question that was actually answered almost instantly.

It’s one of the most naked attempts at propaganda. Fortunately it seems to have backfired.

3.) “Gun Violence Awareness.” Everytown is bringing back its “National Gun Violence Awareness Day” in which people wear jumpsuit orange to “raise awareness” to a gun violence epidemic that isn’t there.

The anti-gun movement is based largely on symbolism and slander at this point. With FBI figures showing a decrease in violent crime, where exactly that epidemic is, is anyone’s guess.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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