Under The Gun

Katie Couric’s creatively edited documentary on gun laws violated about four of them, a look at crime during the NRA Convention, and an op-ed calling for people to calm down about suppressors. Plus, could California gun owners actually be winning the fight in their state?

1.) Under The Gun. The anti-gun “documentary” famous for creative (read: slanderous) editing of the Virginia Citizens Defense League is now taking heat for breaking at least four federal gun laws in their zeal to prove why we need more gun laws. The documentary crew apparently broke federal gun laws at least four times.

This is a clear sign of the desperation of the gun control movement at this point. (We’ll discuss other desperate measures from gun control later tonight.)

This latest revelation has led to the National Shooting Sports Foundation to call for an ATF investigation into the movie.

2.) Crime around the Convention. GunFreeZone.Net (which, to be clear, is anything but anti-gun) did an experiment for the Convention that showed some fairly interesting results. The duo behind the blog looked at crime heatmaps for the weeks before, during, and after the convention. The maps showed that crime cratered around the convention sites during the event. It’s also worth noting that, despite the staggering number of guns and gun owners in such a concentrated space, homicides around the area were nowhere to be seen.

3.) Suppressors. Why is an object that is now standard on cars such a pain to get for firearms? The Los Angeles Times has a great piece on the purpose and the history of the “gun muffler”, as it was known; what we now call the suppressor. The op-ed makes a fantastic case for deregulating suppressors, and in particular looks at the difference between how movies portray them and how science makes that portrayal impossible in the real world.

4.) Illinois. Attempts to make life even more miserable for gun dealers in Illinois failed in the state House this week. The bill would have required FFLs, who are already licensed with the Federal government (hence “Federal Firearms License” remarkably enough) to also be registered with the state.

5.) California. Finally this week, an interesting op-ed in Ammoland. Put simply, what are the odds California gun owners are winning? It says in part:

The machine Democrats are even whispering that once Gavin is defeated, they will soften their gun bills and make them less unconstitutional.

So, why are we winning?

Consider this; this whole farce is happening because CA gun owners are now powerful enough, numerous enough and organized enough to have defeated Newsom’s initiative. We held enough sway that there were Democrats willing to OPENLY oppose a gun control initiative to beat another Democrat in an election.

The whole piece paints a very good picture for gun rights in one of the most anti-gun states in the nation.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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