This week, a bit of housekeeping after last week’s massive update (and the reaction to it), and then a handful of stories to wrap up Breaking Point and prepare for Blowback.

1.) Programming Notes. Breaking Point ended up on the pages of LGBT for Gun Rights and Open Carry Texas. It is always an honor when a group decides to feature the Run in any capacity.

To any new people, welcome to the Run. While normally a weekly rundown of news updated every Saturday night, we do have some specials in the offing throughout July. From a discussion on the history of the Flag, the history of the Second Amendment, and a brief detour into first aid and survivalism set up throughout July. Additionally, while the Run will update on July 2nd as scheduled, it will update again on July 3rd for the annual Blowback Fourth-Of-July special, but not that Saturday.

The Run is updated every week with two in-stone exceptions: the week of Thanksgiving, and the week before and of Christmas.

That aside, we have three stories to cover this week. Tonight, the Dems resort to political theater, Trump and Carson seem to waver on gun control, and Charles Rangel validates every self-defense advocate’s belief that gun control is founded on elitism.

1.) Sit-in. Four amendments for gun control failed in the Senate this week. The amendments ranged from universal background checks to a ban on people on watchlists owning guns (because who needs due process.) The sit-in was broadcast on C-SPAN by way of Periscope and other social media feeds Democrats were using (which almost immediately led to accusations of bias from conservatives for some bizarre reason). Erick Erickson’s The Resurgent posted one of the most direct criticisms of the event, noting that Democrats were essentially asking for us to give up our rights to due process (among others) to be safe from terrorism. In other words, giving the terrorists exactly what they want. Gun Owners of America called it “petulant,” and that the participants were “reliving college.”

But perhaps the most interesting part of what was blatantly an anti-rights protest was that its leader, Georgia Democrat John Lewis, is legendary for his support of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

2.) Mixed signals. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and one of his biggest supporters, Ben Carson, joined the NRA in sending out as many mixed signals as possible on the subject of gun control. Trump had previously said that he supported banning people on the terror watchlist. He has somewhat pulled back from that, acknowledging that a ton of people on the list shouldn’t be there. The NRA has disagreed with Trump, although their main lobbyist Chris Cox has said that they do not differ with Trump on the subject. Both Cox and NRA Exec. Vice President Wayne LaPierre said that it would be better to not have people armed in bars, although Wayne was forced to clarify the matter.

Trump then released a statement saying that his position was formed in conjunction with the NRA.

Everyone is pretty much talking past each other. Whatever does come out of that that’s assuming that either of them can maintain their position on firearms for longer than a few months.

Also of note is Ben Carson’s discussion about putting the Second Amendment “on the table.” That went about as well as you would expect it too considering Carson’s past comments on guns.

3.) Rangel. New York Democrat Charles Rangel apparently has no problem taking away the rights of citizens to own guns, but he says he deserves armed protection.

There is really not much else that can be said there. The candor is appreciated. The elitism is not.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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