After three weeks of specifics, time to get back to the news. This week, the NRA at the RNC, plus Massachusetts’ AG sets off a staggering spike in gun sales, and “ghost guns” are back from the dead.

1.) The RNC. The NRA’s Chris Cox spoke at this week’s GOP Convention. Cox highlighted, among other things the vehemently anti-gun record of presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The NRA also redoubled its efforts to spread the “Freedom’s Safest Place” campaign this week. The new push includes television spots which aired during the Convention and a website soliciting donations to keep the extremely strong ads on the air throughout this cycle.

In other convention news, it’s worth noting that despite fears of bloodshed and calls for the governor to suspend open carry (but not concealed for some bizarre reason) in Ohio, there were no massive reports of violence outside of the convention.

2.) Ghost gun. Remember those? The term practically invented (fittingly enough) out of thin air by Sen. Kevin de Leon is back and the law banning such things was signed into law this week.

So we have a bill signed into law based on terminology that isn’t real. Only in California.

3.) Massachusetts. The AG of Massachusetts unilaterally decided to implement an Assault Weapons Ban. As is typical with these sorts of things, the law set off a new surge of gun sales.

We know now just how many. has a report out suggesting that just over 2,500 rifles were sold.

As is normal for these things, bans lead to abundance. Eventually, that lesson will be learned by the anti-gun crowd.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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