Dallas attacks is used to attack open carry, most guns used in crime weren’t acquired legally, and resistance to an attempted gun ban in Massachusetts.
Not much to cover of significance, honestly. (Is it really worth getting detailed on the DNC being anti-gun? No. You already know they are.)

1.) Open Carry. Despite having nothing to do with the attacks themselves, some are using the Dallas attacks to justify going after open carry. (Of course, the person who was open carrying during the attacks is now fearing for his life from people outraged enough to be angry, but not enough to follow the story.)

It’s worth noting that the “suspect” who was exonerated was open carrying a long gun, which has been legal in Texas for decades.

2.) Criminals. Of course, any new gun law wouldn’t do much as crimnals would still go around the law. Now, we have yet more proof of this thanks to a peer-reviewed study. The study, titled “Gaps continue in firearm surveillance: Evidence from a large U.S. City Bureau of Police,” shows that almost 80% of all guns used by criminals aren’t legally theirs.

If you follow firearms news and crime statistics, this is nothing new.

Once again, however, we must point out the obvious. Not supporting useless laws is not the same as opposing all laws. It’s a cute, but intellectually and fundamentally dishonest distraction that simply doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

There is a difference between having undying faith in law’s ability to prevent, and acknowledging that some laws simply serve no realistic purpose.

3.) Massachusetts. The Attorney General of Massachusetts is running into a bit of resistance for her unilateral ban on “assault weapons.” A Democratic State Rep, Harold P. Naughton Jr., along with about 58 other people in the Legislature, called the action something that “unfairly infringes on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.”

The NRA says it is looking at any avenue to overturn the AG’s action.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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