Grab Bag: August 2016

An update on Midnight Run: Lethal Ignorance, an anti-gun pastor runs afoul of anti-gun laws, and can weed manage the symptoms of PTSD. A wide-ranging grab bag this month as we head into the post-convention phase of the elections.

1.) Good Samaritans. A new law in Ohio would protect people who rescue kids and pets trapped in hot cars. It’s an expansion of the usual “Good Samaritan” laws that focus on rendering aid to people.

It’s kind of sad that laws are needed to protect people trying to do the right thing from legal retaliation, but such is the world we live in.

2.) Anti-gun irony. In what is seeming to be a strange trend post-Couric “documentary,” an anti-gun pastor trying to raffle off an AR-15 with the purpose of destroying it, transferred it to a friend in such a way that Oregon laws do not allow. To top it off, the pastor is a law school graduate.

There is a comedy to anti-gun types being snared by laws they supported. We saw it with Couric, and now we have this.

3.) PTSD. I’m not here to beat you over the head with statistics on veteran suicide. Derek Weida had a fantastic video on that a while back.

No, I’m actually more interested in a study that looks to at least partially treat PTSD, and possibly bring down suicides in the process. A new study involving two separate research teams is looking for veteran volunteers to see if marijuanna can blunt the impact of combat-related PTSD. The researchers are adamant that they are looking for symptom management and aren’t about to start on if weed can cure the effects of PTSD.

It’s worth looking into, though results from the study aren’t expected for another two years.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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