System Update 3

Updating a ton of Midnight Run’s this week. An update on campus carry, Louisiana’s government tries to make a “decent human” permit, and New Jersey could go “shall issue” as Christie hardens his position against his state’s Legislature.

1.) Dildos. Yes. Dildos. Stay with me.

Down in Texas, this fall sees the first academic year where public colleges allow for carrying firearms concealed. Anti-gun groups, known for their obsession with sex organs, responded by modifying the famous Open Holster Protests by putting dildos in the holsters instead. This has led to some….interesting protests around the campus. It was meant to criticize the idea of campus carry, but the Texas division of Students for Concealed Carry decided to take a very different tact.

Focusing on claims that allowing campus carry would stifle freedom of expression, SCC put out a press release embracing the so-called “cocks not Glocks” event. It reads in part:

In keeping with the organization’s long-held position that individuals should enjoy the same rights on college campuses as virtually everywhere else, Students for Concealed Carry fully endorses the burgeoning movement ( of Texas college students who wish to openly carry oversized dildos on campus.

It’s also probably the first time SCC has come even close to a sexual innuendo. The organization notes that using the dildo as a club is a felony under Texas law, but students would be on “pretty solid legal ground as long as they use their dildos only as expressions of free speech or for the manufacturers’ intended purpose.”

2.) Cajun Navy. What do you do when your citizens band together to form their own grassroots “navy” to help people stranded in floodwaters?

If you’re the government of Louisiana, you devise a ridiculous permit system that Good Samaritans have to sign up for next time it floods.

WWL, the CBS affiliate in New Orleans, phrases it like this:

Some of these citizen heroes, a loosely-organized group called the ‘Cajun Navy,’ gained national attention for their rescue efforts last week, but that attention is nowhere near the pushback surrounding a lawmaker’s proposal to require permits for citizen rescue groups.

Incidentally, I’d like to remind readers to get a weather radio (preferably one that is Public Alert certified) and a First Aid Kit.

3.) Christie. Chris Christie has started calling for NJ to go “shall issue,” saying he is growing tired of “the relentless campaign by the Democratic legislature to make New Jersey as inhospitable as possible to lawful gun ownership and sales. Instead of remaining an outlier with overly burdensome restrictions of questionable constitutionality, New Jersey should follow the lead of the vast majority of states across the country and simplify, not complicate the ability of responsible citizens, dealers and retailers, to buy, sell and possess firearms as protected by the Second Amendment.”‎

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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