Grab Bag: September 2016

Chicago has the deadliest month in decades, the Chief of Police in Dallas announces his retirement, and surveys show an increase in gun ownership.

1.) Chicago. A favorite point of gun rights advocates is that if gun laws were so effective, Chicago would not have the high homicide rate they do.

That has only gotten worse as of this August, with Chicago seeing its deadliest month in almost two decades. Even CNN has reported on the surging homicide rate. Additionally, with this record-setting month comes the very real possibility of a record-setting year.

This as gun laws are loosened elsewhere, and overall violent crime has collapsed nationwide.

Expect Chicago to become even less of a topic among gun control advocates.

2.) Dallas. On the flipside of the news, we have some good if sad news to report. The Chief of Police for the Dallas PD, David Brown, has announced his retirement after over three decades on the force. Chief Brown says he initially joined the force to deal with a drug problem in his community. This is remarkably in-line with his now-famous comments to protesters, in which he told them to stop merely protesting and follow his lead.

Congratulations to Chief Brown on his retirement.

3.) Gun ownership. As if the surge in background checks and CCW permit applications wasn’t enough of a tip-off, a new Pew Research study shows that gun ownership has increased at least 5-9 points. Of course, this is only people who have openly stated that they own firearms. The numbers from NICS checks and other data suggest that the percentage of gun ownership could very easily be higher.

With Chicago’s crime increasing, overall crime decreasing, and gun ownership surging, there is now no statistical area in which anti-gunners have the advantage.

The emotional tact doesn’t seem to be working well either. It is tough to imagine gun control having much momentum from here on.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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