A couple of updates on law enforcement, plus an anti-gun group discusses “responsible” gun use in the most dangerous manner possible.

1.) “Blue Lives Matter” law. In the wake of high-profile attacks on police, legislation was passed in Louisiana that made attacking an officer/fire/EMS person a hate crime. This law apparently has a wide definition, since the first arrest in which the law was used involved shouting slurs at police officers. Critics of the law have jumped at the charges, with many saying it proves the law was both unnecessary to begin with and would be abused.

2.) Dallas. There is an awesome story from FOX 7 in Austin about a man who was inspired enough by Dallas Police Chief David Brown’s post-shooting “call to serve,” as the network puts it, that he dropped out of college.

After the shootings in Dallas, Chief Brown said that protesters could affect change more directly >by actually getting involved and fixing the problems they see. Applications have surged since then, but it isn’t known how many protesters actually took him up on the offer.

3.) Maine Not unlike that legendary, debatably legal PSA my colleague at This Is The Line covered back in 2014, Bloomberg and Co. are out with a new PSA for “Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership” that features children blasting, for all intents and purposes, randomly in a Forrest among a litany of other safety violations.

Granted, the anti-gun crowd has never been much for actual gun safety. But it might help their cause if they weren’t so obvious about it.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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