Breaking from guns to cover a bit of news from the 2016 election. Tonight, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein fail to qualify for the Presidential debates, Stein says people should be “persuaded” to disarmed, and the Southeast looks at a gasoline shortage.

1.) Johnson. The two third-party candidates have not been invited to the presidential debates. Over the last few weeks, Johnson’s supporters have shifted from touting his rise in the polls, to calling the 15% threshold in polls “arbitrary.” Johnson released a statement saying he is not surprised, and that “the Commission is a private organization created 30 years ago by the Republican and Democratic parties for the clear purpose of taking control of the only nationally-televised presidential debates voters will see. At the time of its creation, the leaders of those two parties made no effort to hide the fact that they didn’t want any third party intrusions into their shows.”

2.) Stein. When she’s not saying WiFi is dangerous or facing vandalism charges, Jill Stein is also the Presidential candidate for the Green Party. In a recent interview, Stein said that Americans should be “persuaded to disarm. In response to a question of whether confiscation is too extreme, Stein responded

It’d be hard to do that at this point. So, we establish background checks and assault weapons ban as a floor. And we add to that stripping the gun manufacturers of their immunity — so currently they have immunity right now from lawsuits holding them accountable for dangerous weapons, and for putting those weapons in the hands of dangerous people.

In Norway, Norway really moved forward with gun control by persuading people to give up their guns, and in order to do that you need to have the proper things in place. So in Norway, among other countries, police have also demilitarized and go without guns. Not in all areas of Norway, but in many. And, interestingly, in those districts where police are not armed, they are actually safer. It’s not only the public that is safer but the police are safer because they cease to become targets.

I think we need to begin to move in that direction, and I do believe as a society that we need to disarm because we are now an armed garrison state, and everyone is in the crossfire right now — black lives are in the target hairs, and police are also in the target hairs. We’ve become a culture of open carry — not just guns but assault weapons and sniper rifles.

3.) Gas Shortage. Our infrastructure is extremely fragile. This is becoming incredibly clear this week as a gas line in Alabama is leading to shortages in Georgia.

There isn’t much you can do about it, but we are seeing what happens when a major supply chain breaks down. Consider other supply chains you CAN deal with (namely, storing food and water), and prepare yourself should those lines go down, as Atlanta saw in the rush during Winter Storm Leon.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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