This week, a look at a few different angles on the Charlotte protests. Not necessarily the case itself, but what is happening as a result.

In other words, riots. This week, the inevitable surge in gun sales, a dispatch from STRATFOR from the London riots of 2011, and how the protests are anything but a reflection of local opinion on the matter.

Interestingly, a similar police-involved shooting occurred in Tulsa, although the officer has been charged. We haven’t seen much in the way of protests there.

1.) Firearms. There’s a meme going around right now about “roof Koreans.” The memes are a direct reference to how many Korean-Americans during the Los Angeles riots took guarding their storefronts/livelihoods into their own hands, generally by way of arming themselves.

The meme has seen an uptick recently because of the riots in Charlotte and the self-defense buying spree the riots have caused.

In other words, with the breakdown in order, and with the police overwhelmed (and in some cases actively targeted), many have decided that the best solution to their safety is to get an equalizer.

According to Legal Heat, gun laws in North Carolina are actually very good, including the use of open carry being built into the state’s Consititution. It is clear that many citizens are taking full advantage of that as the city burns around them.

2.) Astroturf. There’s one small issue with the riots in Charlotte: it barely involves the people of Charlotte. According to the police, the overwhelming majority of arrests in the riots are from out-of-state, what the department calls “instigators.”

In other words, the protest is largely made of people who felt the need to insert themselves into the case and cause damage to places they’ve never visited, lived in, or even been aware of. Which probably explains why they can destroy with such abandon; it’s virtually guaranteed that the stuff they are destroying isn’t their’s and they’ll never see it again when the riots subside. The destruction is practically consequence free barring getting arrested.

All of which speaks volumes about those involved.

3.) STRATFOR. It is because riots can apparently happen out of nowhere and with help from out-of-state “instigators” that it is now worth determining what can be done on a practical level. The intelligence firm STRATFOR released an excellent video called “Personal Safety in Riot Situations” back during the London riots. In it, Scott Stewart, STRATFOR’s VP of Tactical Analysis, discusses how to stay ahead of the rioters, monitor communications, and basically prepare yourself should you need to evacuate the area.

Watch the video, study it, and get to determining what you would do in that situation.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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