Expansion of background checks at the next debate, and an Officer is paralyzed by fear of public scrutiny and is severely injured as a result. Plus, in the lead-up to Hurricane Matthew, a new gun law allowed people to carry without a permit. CJ Grisham’s “A Soldier’s Perspective” also makes a guest appearance tonight as the Open Carry Texas founder returns to blogging full-time in place of Facebook.

1.) UBCs. The gun debate is going to be center-stage (alongside the recent controversies) at the upcoming Presidential debate. Apparently the questions for the second debate are being crowdsourced, and whether or not the candidates support expanded (i.e. “universal”) background checks has gotten a LOT of social media energy as of late.

The Brady Campaign’s Dan Gross said in a statement that “as the number one question on voters’ minds, each candidate must be held to an answer on expanding Brady background checks. If Donald Trump and Mike Pence still disagree with 90 percent of Americans and still support arming domestic abusers, felons, and dangerously mentally ill people, they’ll have to explain why in front of the entire country.”

On the subject of felons and guns, CJ Grisham has a great piece out on felons and gun rights. We had discussed the topic here on the Run in 2014’s Debt update, and this one goes into considerably more detail as to why felons should have their rights restored after they have served their sentences.

The debate airs Sunday night.

2.) Florida. Hurricane Matthew dropped by the southeastern US this week. A bill signed last year kicked in when a State of Emergency was issued for the entire state. The law allows firearms to be carried without a permit during SoEs. Additionally, existing state law already prohibited the seizure or confiscation of weapons during an emergency.

Very forward thinking crew down in Florida.

3.) Officers. Headline: Report: Officer Didn’t Shoot Attacker Over Fear of National Scrutiny.

Well done, outrage brigade.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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