First off, it must be said. Congrats to my InSov colleague over at This Is The Line on his new job as a columnist for Thunder Roads Louisiana. That’s just awesome.

Tonight on the Run, Clinton’s gun tax, the Sandy Hook case against Remmington is dismissed, and progress in the case of Marine Major Jason Brezler.

1.) Major Brezler. The case of Marine Corps Major Jason Brezler is, in the present context, ridiculous. Maj. Brezler’s career has been in jeopardy after he sent an urgent email through a personal account, warning other Marines of an insider attack (which, sure enough happened not much later). Because of that one email, the Corps has gone after him, and now a judge is ordering the Corps to prove that they aren’t looking to simply retaliate against him after the Major asked for help from his Congressman.

Supporters of Major Brezler note an interesting dichotomy. It is well known (even by the FBI) that Hillary Clinton had an entire server of classified information on it that was mishandled, and she is in the running for President (i.e. yet more classified information), whereas the Major warned other Marines of an attack that happened as he said it would, and he is facing everything from retaliation to having his career ruined. The Clinton case was even cited by the Major’s defense team.

Follow this story if you haven’t been already.

2.) Clinton. We’re finally starting to see a bit of contrast in policy from the Presidential candidates. Wikileaks is helping in this regard with their regular release of hacked emails, including one which has Clinton supporting a twenty-five percent tax on firearms back in 1993. Interestingly, as Ammoland notes, Clinton has never taken her support of such a tax back. She positioned herself as more anti-gun than her former rival, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

3.) Sandy Hook. There has been a lawsuit essentially blaming firearms manufacturer Remmington for the Sandy Hook shooting in litigation for a while now. This week, that suit was dismissed under the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Judge Barbara Bellis stated that the deaths at Sandy Hook were caused “solely by the criminal misuse of a weapon by Adam Lanza” and that Remmington could not be held responsible for his actions. (It’s the same logic that prevents Ford from being sued because a drunk driver killed somebody.)

The suit said Remmington was responsible because they sold “military-style” weapons to untrained civilians. The suit was also filed on the two-year anniversary of the shooting.

So it was almost entirely built on symbolism and an agenda.

4.) Muskets. The NRA has decided to put the “the Second Amendment only covers muskets” talking point under the microscope in a new blog entry. It is a long and extremely detailed read, although if you are looking for more I continue to recommend The Founders’ Second Amendment by Stephen Halbrook.

Regardless, and particularly with the election approaching fast….
Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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