Election Warm-up

An ammo background check in California gets slammed by a left-wing publication, Clinton’s “Five-Point Plan” on guns, and Mexico decides to mull expanding gun rights as cartels continue to fight.

1.) California. Basically calling out a competition between California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and state Senator Kevin de Leon to be the “king of gun control (yes, de Leon of “ghost gun” fame), Mother Jones has recommended its readers in the state vote against an initiative calling for background checks on ammo.

2.) Clinton. Gun Owners of America has an article out basically laying down Hillary Clinton’s plans for the Second Amendment should she win in November. It’s basically a hard-left dream list, including expanded background checks, “closing the gun show loophole” (which doesn’t exist), and essentially trying to end the firearms industry.

It’s likely enough to make at least a few people take a risk on Donald Trump. Though polls suggest “a few” isn’t going to be enough.

3.) Washington. Two years after Washington State anti-gun groups (and also national anti-gun groups) got universal background checks hammered through, we now have a single prosecution coming down the pipe. Which means two things. 1.) Opponents made the “problem” look considerably worse than it actually was. 2.) If we’ve only had a single prosecution, and the situation is as bad as the initiative’s supporter’s claim, then the initiative is toothless and was oversold.

Two years. One prosecution. Regardless of the reason, the optics are terrible.

4.) Mexico. All you really need to know is this; Mexico is starting to think that the best solution to the surge in crime in the country is giving people the ability to fight back.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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