PA’s anti-gun Attorney General is sentenced to prison for perjury, the NRA reheats the “coming for your guns” narrative, and Clinton revives talk of an “Assault Weapon Ban” despite the complete lack of support for it.

1.) Kane. PA’s first woman AG and first Democrat AG is now the first woman Democrat AG in Pennsylvania to be convicted of a felony. After being convicted of leaking grand jury files (and then lying about leaking those files), PA AG Kathleen Kane was sentenced to 10-23 months in prison. One of the people with the best possible recaps is CNN’s Jake Tapper, who noted that “we have a proud history of sleaze in my home state of Pennsylvania. It’s as good a recap as you are likely to find for a case so convoluted.

2.) NRA. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s Executive VP, has a video out about Clinton “coming for your guns.” I’m a bit dubious as to whether this work, as this was also the line the NRA used during the OBama administration. The great irony is that gun laws have, if anything, expanded under Obama (although in fairness, that is largely at the state level). Having said that, we do know that Clinton will try to do a lot of her anti-gun stuff by executive order….

3.) Assault Weapons Bans ….and that she already has plans regardless. A report in Ammoland has her restarting talks about a semi-auto-ban even though polls have consistently shown that nobody wants it.

So while it is a bit strange to consider the NRA using the exact same tact with Clinton that they did with Obama, there may be considerably more evidence to justify the move.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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