Showtime 2016

Welcome to the weekend before this election season mercifully concludes. A recap of Trump’s positions on guns, a recap of Clinton’s position on guns, and some other news relevant to the big show.

1.) Trump. Recoil has a report out headlined “Trump Announces Second Amendment Coalition,” if that proves anything about his positions. Trump has long boasted about his endorsement by the National Rifle Association back in May.

Despite his record on guns being fairly left-leaning (at least from roughly 2000 back), Trump has positioned himself as the “law and order” candidate and been a vocal proponent of firearms and the right to self-defense generally. His website presents his plan as a two-pronged approach of prosecuting violent criminals while also protecting everyone else’s right to own firearms.

2.) Clinton. Not much has changed since her husband’s signage of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. Clinton has been a constant opponent of the NRA and gun rights as a whole. Her website does not call it “gun control,” preferring the more-recent rebranding of gun violence prevention. The plan is predicated on “keeping guns out of the wrong hands” such as people with criminal records (which begs the question why they were released in the first place if they are so dangerous), and “taking on the gun lobby.”

In the off chance that wasn’t enough to make her position clear she was also endorsed by roughly 17 gun control groups simultaneously.

3.) The Movement. GunPolicy.Org’s Philip Alpers seems to be under the notion that, despite expanding concealed carry laws, the drop in violent crime, the inability to get anti-gun legislation passed without throwing mountains of money at initiatives, and the ineffective overuse of dramatic imagery, that gun control will prevail regardless of the election. Of note is the following passage from

He even went after the Second Amendment. “Unique to the United States, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is just that — an amendment,” he says. “Americans are free to change an outdated law when they so choose.”

The election is this Tuesday. When we meet again, we’ll discuss the aftermath, and what that holds for firearms, the Second Amendment, and the liberty movement in general.

Until then….

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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