Grab Bag: November 2016

Constitutional Carry returns to the TX legislature, Howard Stern calls for national reciprocity, and a good guy with a gun saves an officer. A cooldown from the election before our Thanksgiving break.

1.) Texas. After Open Carry, Texas gun rights advocates have decided to move onto permitless carry. There is already a bill filed with the Legislature for the upcoming session. The logic being, at least in part, that Open Carry was a complete non-issue, and the same will be said for permitless carry.

2.) Stern. The discussion about nationwide reciprocity has gotten a major figure outside of the gun rights world, talk host Howard Stern. In a recent monologue, Stern noted that drivers licenses work across state lines, so weapons carry permits should work the same way. He said in part: 

When you think about it, if somebody is a legal and responsible gun owner, let’s say in Massachusetts, why all of a sudden when he crossed the border is he an outlaw?

National reciprocity became a very real possibility when President-Elect Trump called for it a few months ago. His platform made it a cornerstone of his pitch to gun owners. But a major question is not necessarily Trump’s support for it, but if Congress can override the gun laws of individual states.

3.) Helping an Officer. Finally, some fantastic news via PoliceOne. An Armed Citizen shot and killed a suspect who was attacking an officer in Florida this week. Of course, the gun had to be impounded as evidence as a matter of procedure. A gun store, Shoot Straight, contacted the agency to get in touch with the man who saved the officer’s life. The company wanted to replace the man’s gun, free of charge. The store’s manager said “if they were comfortable with him getting a gun, I was completely comfortable with giving him a gun.”

And that is how we close out the month as Thanksgiving approaches. We return December 10th.

Stay informed, stay alert, stay free.

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