Grab Bag: December 2016

Second to last broadcast. Tonight, a quick rundown of action in the House, a quick update to Dirt and Blood, and a brief look at the anti-gun reaction.

1.) House of Representatives. We closed last night discussing the excellent shape the gun rights movement is in as we close 2016. Now, in addition to President-Elect Trump’s Second Amendment Coalition (which we discussed last week), House Republicans have formed their own Second Amendment Caucus, headed up by Thomas Massie (R-KY), and including the likes of Justin Amash (R-MI). The Caucus is looking to serve as a sort of foundation for all pro-gun legislation that originates from the lower chamber. (And there is looking like there could be a torrent of pro-gun legislation from either chamber.)

2.) Anti-gun reaction. has a great piece out encapsulating anti-gun reaction to Trump’s election, California’s Gavin Newsom called Trump’s victory a “step backward” for gun control. Newsom said that an expansion of gun rights would “put lives at risk” and would be a step backward for states that have “proven smart gun laws work.” What gun laws work, and what evidence there actually is that they work was lacking.

3.) Texas. Texas is looking at going Constitutional Carry. From the passage of Open Carry, it was clear that Open Carry Texas, and many pro-gun legislators in Texas, had much larger plans.

While an op-ed in TheBlaze focuses on the Texas case, its headline can apply almost certainly to the rest of 2017’s gun legislation. Prepare for gun control hysteria.

Open Carry.
Campus Carry.
Constitutional Carry.

The big fights for 2017.

Next week, some closing thoughts, and then we adjourn until January 14.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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