Ignition 2017

Campus carry reloads in Georgia, the Hearing Protection Act is introduced, and Marines choose Magpul.
All that and a LOT more. Welcome back.

1.) Texas and Georgia. A carbon copy of last years Campus Carry bill has been introduced for this session. Governor Deal vetoed it last session, along with the religious freedom bill. It is widely believed that both decisions led to the Opportunity School District’s demise at the polls in November.

Texas is going a step further. Introducing a Constitutional Carry bill.

2.) Suppressors. The only safety tool the government makes you go through hell to get may finally have the process streamlined. The Hearing Protection Act, which aims to remove suppressors from the NFA, was introduced to the new Congress. The anti-gun angle is that it’s about making it easier to sell suppressors and not about making sure that people don’t have to blow out their eardrums to defend themselves.

Expect them to play up the Hollywood version of suppressors. The version physics ensures can’t happen in the real world.

If, however, the bill passes both chambers, it will almost certainly be signed by President Trump, as he has tapped the head of SilencerCo to advise him on firearms issues.

3.) National Reciprocity. Whether you support it or not, national right-to-carry reciprocity is happening. A bill has been introduced, as fairly solid support, and will see a fair amount of attention over the next few months. It is clear that many in Congress are seizing the initiative and introducing a number of pro-gun reforms…..

4.) Abolishing the ATF. ….like abolishing the ATF altogether. According to Guns.com a new bill aims to completely dismantle the organization, transferring most of its responsibilities over the FBI and the DEA. The bill is being supported not only on the basis of the ATF’s history for botching schemes like Fast and Furious, but also on the idea that the ATF is redundant. Essentially, if the other organizations can do the ATF’s job, there’s no reason for the ATF.

5.) Bottom line. The era that anti-gun groups hoped would not come almost certainly has. Trump has made his pro-gun plans clear and many Republicans in Congress are clearly eager to get into it. Consider that all of the above have happened simply in the time we have been away. These reforms will almost certainly be seen as “radical” by gun control advocates.

Because they are. National reciprocity (criticism of which is a bit ironic considering we always hear how guns need to be treated like cars), the abolition of the ATF, and finally making suppressors less of a crap-shoot are truly radical ideas in the context of the last eight years.

None of which would even be possible had Democrats taken control in the election. Which is odd, since guns were seen as a winning issue according to the Washington Post.

Regardless, we are looking at a remarkable time in the liberty movement. We’re back to our weekly schedule here, but also monitor This Is The Line and the Facebook page for Individual Sovereignty Network as events unfold.

And as always….
Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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