Suddenly, we have a ton of extremely solid news for the liberty movement as a whole. This week, manufacturing on suppressors ramps up as the Hearing Protection Act appears almost certain, major reforms on the docket during the Trump administration, and some news from Inauguration Day that will set the stage for weeks to come.

1.) Suppressors. Controversial Times has a report out stating that the manufacturing of suppressors has been accelerated at major companies as the passage of the Hearing Protection Act starts looking like a near certainty. This is obviously in preparation for the surge of sales that is expected upon passage of the bill, which looks to take what are essentially hearing safety items (that cannot silence an explosion, let us be absolutely clear) off of the National Firearms Act. While this is happening, at least right now, there does not appear to be much appetite for taking the rest of the NFA down with the suppressor restriction.

2.) Gun reform. Bearing Arms adds to CT’s work by noting the Hearing Protection Act, as well as four other reforms that look certain to pass under a Trump presidency, that would never pass under now-former President Barack Obama. Among them, of course, is the National Right-To-Carry Reciprocity bill (which has seen some resistance from within the pro-gun community), and the reform of the NICS background check system.

3.) The road ahead. It is worth noting that, regardless of the wild-card/almost-constant backtracking that we saw during the campaign, his present Cabinet choices are appearing to be both incredibly competent and, for the most part, intent on shrinking the power of their respective departments. Of course, one department that is aiming for incredible growth (and a general reorientation) is the Department of Defense under Marine Corps General/Legend James Mattis (who penned a memo to DoD noting ““it’s good to be back.”) Outside of that, we have an Education secretary who endorses school choice and vouchers, an EPA head that is an EPA skeptic, an Energy Secretary who once suggested dismantling the agency, and a host of other very solid choices.

In addition to all of that, of course, we have the idea of the Affordable Care Act, which has helped millions pay far too much for absurd deductibles being replaced with a program more focused on choice and competition, including not providing a bizarre framework where all programs must carry certain things that the person may not use. (Like requiring a male to carry maternity coverage in the off chance he manages to break science.)

The next four years are going to be one of significant, if not very fast, change. The end result remains to be seen, of course, but the rough sketch looks promising in terms of gun rights, the liberty movement as a whole, and the dismantling of a disastrous healthcare law.

And talk of “resistance” appears to be going absolutely nowhere at present. It could be a very solid four years.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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