Grab Bag: January 2017

More from Trump, PA sets a background check record, and an update to Midnight Run: Debt.

1.) Trump. A ton of activity from the Trump administraion, largely in the form of a torrent of executive orders. Perhaps chief among them were two orders set on restarting two pipeline projects that have been dormant due to being caught up in political posturing and protests. Of course, the Dakota Pipeine became famous for the Standing Rock protests, which ended with the line being rerouted around the territory in what was called a pyrric victory by the Economist (who predicted it would be overturned).

Sure enough, that is precisely what has happened, and it is clear that both Trump and the pipeline’s opeator are eager to get the project moving again.

2.) Debt. A man in Arizona was hailed as a hero this week for shooting a suspect who was beating a state trooper.

While that in and of itself is newsworthy (as DGUs tend to be), there is another part of this story that is definitely worth paying attention to. Namely, the man is a former felon who had his gun rights restored.

There is a post by a man named Greg Ellifritz on this subject that makes a number of excellent points on the story. Both the restoration of rights and that a lot of people would look down on the guy for his past and his appearance.

A story with many lessons.

3.) PICS. Pennsylvania deserves special mention this week. A report from Leigh Valley Live states that the Commonwealth’s background check system set records firearm checks in 2016. For the uninitiated, generally PA residents must file two background check forums. One for the NICS system we all know, and a second for the State Police system (the PA Instant Check System or PICS).

With the growth of the overall liberty movement, a pro-gun Congress, a pro-gun President, and the possibility of supressors becoming more easily available, the number is almost certainly going to stay high.

Continue to follow the National Reciprocity and Hearing Protection acts. Expect critics to resort to “nationwide bloodshed” with the former, and “James Bond” fantasy with the latter.

Because, at this point, it is ignorance and fear really are all they have left.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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