Grab Bag: Feburary 2017

Georgia State Republicans go for Constitutional AND Campus carry, 2 states already on the verge of campus carry, plus the new normal in gun sales as NICS checks tank in January over the same month last year.

1.) Georgia. While I would argue that they are getting way ahead of themselves, legislators the Georgia State House have introduced a bill for Constitutional Carry this session. The bill would not dismantle the current system, but only so that Georgia residents can have something to use for CCW reciprocity elsewhere (or, depending on Congress, everywhere). The Tenth Amendment Center has been keeping track of multiple Constitutional Carry laws, as the movement seems to be gaining momentum just about everywhere, even with the national reciprocity issue on the table.

2.) Campus Carry. Meanwhile, the State Houses of Arkansas and Wyoming approved campus carry bills in their respective states. The Arkansas measure only allows for faculty and staff, whereas Wyoming’s would allow anybody with a permit. Georgia’s, for the record, appears to be about allowing anybody with a permit. It is, for whatever reason, a carbon copy of the one Governor Deal vetoed last session.

3.) NICS. To say that background checks in January of this year were lower than January of last is to undersell it. FBI records show that, compared to last year, January saw an incredible 43.7% drop.

This is likely the new normal, it also proves that (perhaps ironically), former President Obama was indeed the best gun salesman the industry ever had.

4.) Trump. While that may be the case, former President Obama did leave a ton of anti-gun Executive Orders in place (which were probably the reason gun sales were so high). On the upshot, with a much more gun-friendly President in the White House, most of that should be dealt with in fairly short order.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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