States Fights 2017: Part 1

A new year means part-time legislatures have new sessions. This week, we check in on Georgia, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

Put bluntly, Constitutional Carry is gonna be BIG.

1.) Georgia. Campus and Constitutional Carry take center stage. Constitutional Carry has a long way to go, not helped by the support of the frequently reactionary Georgia Gun Owners. 

College campuses are also getting a lot of attention. In addition to campus carry, there is a bill that would essentially force colleges to hand over all rape cases to the police. We’ll let slide the issue of why this hasn’t happened already, but it’s worth noting in the context of campus carry, and the overall subject of reducing crime in and around campus.

Campus carry was only recently introduced in the Gold Dome, although it is largely a carbon copy of last session’s.

2.) Kentucky. Constitutional Carry isn’t doing great everywhere. A bill was withdrawn without warning in Kentucky’s Senate. Nobody is entirely sure why the broadly-supported measure was withdrawn regardless.

3.) North Carolina. Consitutional Carry has been introduced in NC, according to the consistently exellent (who have been a go-to source for all things Constitutional Carry). The bill, as is the norm, would not dismantle the current licensing system to allow for reciprocity.
4.) Mississippi. We have gone over crime and punishment a lot around here. What we haven’t given much attention to the death penalty. Now Missippi now looks at bringing the death penalty back with the electric chair, gas chanber, and firing squad as methods of execution. The bill, which was approved by the State House this week, would add the above to lethal injection, the only legal form of execution in the states.

Expect this to really start picking up national attention.

5.) Outrage. Finally tonight, a lot of the people you see protesting friggin’ everything apparently live mostly with their parents. Which explains all the free time they have to allow for all that protesting.

Stau informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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