Grab Bag: March 2017

A bill in Missouri regarding felons and gun rights, Campus Carry passes the Georgia, and a note on firearms safety classes returning to public schools in Idaho.

1.) Felons. A bill in Missouri would lay out how people convicted of a number of felonies COULD have those rights reinstated. The bill is restarting the debate on whether people convicted of felonies (particularly violent ones) should have their rights reinstated at all.

We have handled this topic numerous times in the past. If it succeeds in Missouri, it could very much spread.

CJ Grisham of Open Carry Texas also wrote a fantastic article on the subject last year as well. 

All of this is built around 2 central questions. If people released from prison cannot be trusted to have firearms, how can they be trusted with any other possibly lethal object?

And if people released from prison cannot be trusted with that, why are pathologically violent people being released at all?

2.) Georgia. Campus Carry will stop coming up in the Georgia legislature when Campus Carry becomes law, so get used to this until then. This week, the House passed what is basically a carbon copy of last year’s. It now moves to the Senate, where Republicans are practically daring Lt. Gov Cagle and Gov. Deal to try and block it again.

A bill passed last session legalizing stun guns/TASERs.

3.) Idaho. A new bill has been introduced to put firearms safety classes into Idaho public schools. While live ammo would be banned, the classes would be taught by the “Idaho Department of Fish and Game, law enforcement, or a firearms organization.”

The question is whether gun control types will have something against education. We already know they prey on ignorance.

Stay alert. Stay informed. Stay free.

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