This week, we deal with a fundamental misunderstanding on suppressors, Gander Mountain somehow manages to come out of the Obama-era gun sales surge bankrupt, and we look at a video by Dana Loesch on the LGBT community arming itself.

1.) The law of suppressors. A Senator has gotten ahead of everybody with the Hearing Protection Act fearmongering, playing the only card anti-gunners have; think about movies. Senator Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut), told the Huffington Post that suppressors concealed a gun when it was fired. He said that silencers “are used to commit crimes.” Obviously, he has no proof of this, and even the ATF’s own statistics debunk his theory. But there’s a much deeper problem with this angle of attack.

2.) The science of suppressors. Put bluntly, there is no physical way to completely silence an explosion powerful enough to send a projectile at supersonic speeds. Even with a good suppressor, a 9mm pistol would still be at about 125 decibels, louder than an ambulance siren, but quieter than a jackhammer. (How many times have you missed hearing an ambulance with sirens blaring?)

Silencers have that untraceable sound in movies because of editing, and that really should not have to be said at all.

The point being, on this bill, is that anti-gunners are not only defying logic with the idea that silencers in action films are in any way realistic. Their position is scientifically wrong on every possible level.

2.) Gander Mountain. A major firearms retailer (one that refers to itself as the country’s “firearms superstore” has managed to come out of the Obama era with a bankruptcy filing. Gander Mountain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, This is an official announcement, although rumblings of the filing have been running around since early February.

The press release blames the bankruptcy on under-performing stores and online vendors.

3.) LGBT. We covered the reaction to the Orlando shooting back in Breaking Point. Dana Loesch now has a characteristically great piece on firearms in the LGBT community produced for NRATV. The video is about seven minutes long and discusses the Orlando shooting, and the rise in threats against LGBT individuals. It also shows the lengths the pro-gun community goes to in order to help that community.

Self-defense always has transcended virtually all barriers. The self-defense movement, indeed the self-reliance/survivalist movement as a whole, has always been focused on giving people control over their own lives, and the tools needed to be resilient. We discussed this concept; that a movement predicated on empowerment is an inherently strong and welcoming one; when we closed for the year in Stand Down, and Loesch brings up the perfect story of a Texas shooting range that reached out to the LGBT community after Orlando, and got a response they never expected.

Both movements have never cared for who the person is, only that they have the tools they need to survive.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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