Fake News

Silencers bounce between being worse than earplugs and capable of breaking science depending on the narrative, a new LGBT gun control group uses old gun control promises, and the EU manages to toughen its gun laws. Lots of propaganda to sift through today, so let’s get to it.

1.) Suppressors. Last week, the angle against the Hearing Protection Act was that suppressors made a gun perfectly silent. Despite that no reality exists where 120 decibels is silent, the angle was reliant on ignorance and a belief that James Bond was real.

Now, Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun control group headed up by Gabrielle Giffords, says that silencers aren’t nearly as good at protecting your hearing as earplugs are. Suppressors have gone from being physics-defying wonders to basically useless versus a thumb-sized piece of foam.

This bizarre shift in narrative has not gone unnoticed by pro-gun groups like Open Carry Texas, of course. It now finds opponents in a strange position where they have to land on one or the other, explain why the narrative they didn’t choose was held onto regardless, and how the new narrative makes any sense logically.

The kind of gymnastics that endeavor is going to take will be good enough for the Olympics.

2.) LGBT. Last week, we discussed a video from Dana Loesch about LGBT Americans arming up after the Orlando shooting. Now we have the opposite. A group calling themselves “Gays Against Guns” is opposing national reciprocity legislation on the basis that the ” Guns Everywhere bill will mean more gun violence and more gun deaths,” according to an activist with the group.

“Guns Everywhere” was the name gun controllers gave to HB60 here in Georgia. Like that bill, the opposition is predicated on apocalyptic imagery.

HB60 went live back in 2014. The apocalypse is incredibly late at this point.

3.) EU. The European Union has managed to find parts of the firearms world it hasn’t outlawed completely yet, introducing a new series of gun laws including strict controls on handguns. The justification, naturally, is that terrorists exploited loopholes in the law and carried out the Paris attacks as a result. The new package even includes new restrictions on so-called “acoustic” firearms. (That is, guns that fire blanks.)

Admittedly, Brexit does not necessarily mean that the UK will become suddenly pro-gun. Handguns there have effectively been banned since the Dunblane school shooting back in 1996.

Still, though, with the surge in populism we have seen across the globe, and the rise of people like Nigel Farage over in the UK, it is not entirely out of the question that the laws would be relaxed somewhat in the UK after Brexit.

Besides which, nobody said the UK would leave the EU either.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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