Financial Burden

In Florida, the cost of a license to carry is roughly $102.

In New York City (if you can get it approved at all), the cost is $87.

In Texas, it’s $140.

All of which ignores any required training or other external cost. Numerous arguments have been made in the past that the fees are little more than end-arounds; where owning a gun is not banned per se but is essentially too expensive to be reasonable.

As that logic starts taking hold, the costs of permits have started coming under scruitiny. This is in paralell with the growing Consitutional Carry movement, as well. (And, interestingly, we have also seen increased opposition from people with a financial interest in keeping the scheme running.)

This week, we look at one state looking to lower the cost, and one looking to eliminate the license requirement.

1.) Ohio. First, however, it is worth noting some major progress out of Ohio. A new law went into effect this week greatly expanding where CCW holders may carry. Campus carry is still banned, but colleges may now authorize groups of people to carry.

2.) Texas. The Lone Star State is looking to reduce the cost of applying for the license, although many in the state still want to go to a Constitutional Carry system. The bill headed for the Senate would drop the cost down to $40, a full $100 cheaper than where it is now.

Interestingly, some looked to exempt only law enforcement from the fee altogether. This raises the idea of why a fee is needed at all, of course.

3.) North Dakota. North Dakota has gone permitless. The state is the latest in the ever growing list of states supporting some form of permitless carry. With luck, Georgia and Texas will eventually join those ranks.

It’s important to note that, for now, permits are still required in many states for the purposes of reciprocity. However with the advent of Constitutional Carry, and its seemingly unstoppable spread, it’s only a matter of time before that is no longer an issue, either.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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