State’s Fights 2017: Part 3

In this latest check of the state-level gun/self-defense movement, we check in on a new bill in Nevada that gives home invaders every reason to escalate a home invasion, and a bill in Oklahoma gives veterans the right to carry (even if they are only 18).

Plus, South Carolina inches closer to being a Constitutional Carry state.

1.) Nationally. Before we do all that, we need to briefly discuss a major national topic. Namely, the confirmation this week of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. As the NRA notes, Gorsuch is very much a pro-Second Amendment judge, who has referred to the Heller decision as “the law of the land” when he responded to an extremely confrontational Senator Diane Feinstein.

2.) Nevada. If there is one way to escalate a home invasion, it is most likely to either give the intruder a reason to escalate the confrontation or to give the homeowner reason to hesitate during the confrontation. A bill in Nevada apparently seeks to accomplish both by allowing intruders to sue homeowners if the latter shoots the former. It’s an interesting concept. And also completely backwards.

3.) South Carolina. Yet another state inches closer to permitless carry. The SC state House passed a bill that would see a permitless system of carry put in alongside the current one (for reciprocity purposes, of course).

4.) Oklahoma. OK Governor Fallin has signed a bill allowing military members to carry handguns even if they aren’t 21. The bill appears predicated on the notion that those old enough to be trained on and trusted with using guns in high-stress warzones can almost certainly be trusted to use them responsibly in the US.

Given that servicemembers have also been targets of crime/terrorism domestically only makes the move seem more rational as a means of giving servicemembers under 21 a way to defend themselves and others.

Stay informed. Stay alert. Stay free.

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